Monday, September 24, 2012

Dear Moon

I gaze out my bedroom window
the night is dark.
God's creation is asleep...
well, except for a select few.
The moon is awake over here
gently lighting our world.
The moth strives for its heights
mankind has been there, done that.
Silence! The wind rustles the
dying leaves of autumn.
Aye, darkness prevails
aside from the pale shimmer.
And that light...the moon
grins down on me through
my bedroom window.
What does it know? The future?
Is tomorrow the day I go beyond
to Heaven? Does the moon know
that I will be higher
No, the barren gray rock
reflects light not of knowledge
but only of safety.
Shine on, dear moon. My path
is lit in the darkest hour.
Goodnight, dear moon. And thank you
for your time tonight.


  1. Beauitful feeling: protection from above! Loved it.