Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Unreal Summer

I wrote this poem for a competition on one of the websites I publish on.  I know it's not like much of the stuff I've written. But it was fun to write, I think it's fun to read  and for a little while, it's fun to imagine this unreal summer.

On November 27, 2012 I linked this poem to Open Link Night at

To the moon I said
For our summer recess
If for no other reason
Than to feel weightlessness
We'll jump over a crater
And grab some moon rocks
as souvenirs.
But, said the boss
The cost is high
The risk is great
And the temperature is
Oh so low at night
Why don’t we we stay local instead
And see what our world has to offer
we flew to London
To see Big Ben
And castles
And knights
We saw a princess
But nary a queen
From there we took a train
Through the ocean
To Paris and around
We ate croissants
And drank some wine
We learned to speak French
And we saw the Eiffel Tower.
We toured and saw
Glimpses of the past
From Vatican City
To the Rock of Gibraltar
From the white cliffs of Dover
To the hills of Transylvania
We saw it all, soaked it up
We raced through small countries
Monaco and Lichenstein
one day saw them all
Then off to the east
the land of Haiku
We watched a tea ceremony
pretended we were Samurai.
Off to the wall
Extending into the distance
As far as we could see
Then into Russia
We rode on the steppes,
thought we were Cossacks
As we headed back west
There really was nothing
Rotten about Denmark
The people were grand
As we travelled their land
We headed back south
To hug a Koala
We saw the Southern Cross
Mountains like tables
Lakes long dried up
Africa gave us
Safaris and diamonds
we talked to the locals
So similiar to us
Looking for peace and love
One last stop
To go through the canal
Then off to the beaches
And parties of Rio
We headed back north
Towards the pole
The summer turned into fall
Finally back home
We arrived around noon
It really was great
To see what we saw,
to do what we did
But next year I think
We'll go to the moon.


  1. Such whimsy, and you captured it beautifully!

  2. smiles…now that was a cool journey…and i think the moon is boring compared to what good old planet earth has to offer…smiles

  3. haha what fun..would love to take sucha whirl wind tour….to see all the sights…i would tarry though….could never move so fast…but i think going to the moon would be a blast….love the whimsy in this…

  4. If you don’t write this way often, you should write this way more. Great read!

  5. I like this a lot! I enjoyed all the detail, and how it circles back to its original idea.

  6. Criminee! Where do you find all those words and ideas? Incredible.