Thursday, July 19, 2012

Where are you?

I wonder where you are
Why are you not listening
Why have you gone to the place
Where my words are not heard?

Does it mean so little to you
That I have something to say
Are my verbal thoughts

The place you have gone
Does not allow me in
My opinions
Are not welcome

I wonder why you left me
Alone to think aloud
Only to return
When I'm silent

Do my words hurt you
Do you feel pain
Or do you just
Not understand

You used to listen
We used to talk
Times have changed
You're silent...and gone

I wonder where you've gone
I want to follow
Even into the very depths
Of the deepest sea

Don't you see it?
Can't you hear?
I love you
Where have you gone?


  1. Good work! I really enjoy when these types of topics are dealt with in poetry. The feeling of being left alone, unaware of where she is… and the pain that it brings. Congratulations!

    Blackprint Poet

  2. Poignant…very nice Rod! I enjoy reading this.