Monday, July 9, 2012

The Long Journey - A Haiku Chain

A multi-versed Haiku about my wife’s journey through cancer
Many years of health
Blessing flowed abundantly
Laughter, love and peace
Without permission
Beneath the surface growing
Tumors of evil
Tears of fear crying
Uncertain times lie ahead
Love will get us through
Sickness darkness light
A vicious circle of health
Winter days so bleak
Spring days get longer
Sunshine through the clouds breaks free
Haze covers us again
Summer brings a knife
Malevolent lumps removed
Only scars remain
Autumn winds blow hot
Skin red but not from sunshine
Bid cancer goodbye
Winter brings healing
Snowfall comes with hope renewed
Normal is brand new
Life continues on
Rivers flow to the ocean
Laughter Love Health


  1. Seasonal metaphors in a trek from darkness to light, in the structure of haiku. Definitely my favourite of all your posted poems. Well played, Rod!