Wednesday, July 18, 2012


I wrote this poem after 3 days of frustration in a computer lab at my work. It was fun to write, but I suspect that the non-techie crowd may not get everything that is in it.  But, please enjoy it anyways. 

At every step you thwart me
Your mocking beeps get tiring
No matter what I try
You try to upstage me
Dragging me down
To your pit of wires
Forcing me to curse you
As I sink into the mire
Damn you, computer
I am the boss
Believe me, computer
I will win
With sweat and tears
With blood and fury
I call in
The reinforcements
You cringe
You cower
Your time is near
You will bow
To my orders
And finally you get it
Partitioned and pardoned
You accept the image
Of the 7th iteration
You boot and reboot
And give a bashful grin
For you know
That I always win

1 comment:

  1. haha, well written! There are many days I feel like lobbing my laptop through the picture window