Sunday, June 24, 2012

New Category! My Poetry

Hello dear reader

This is a very brief information post.  If you have read 5-7-5, you will know that I have embarked on a journey of writing poetry.  Although my website is not the first place I publish my poems, some of them will eventually end up here.  And so (this is the information part) there is now a new category under the Ramblings header.  It is called, wittingly enough, My Poems.  Clicking on the link will bring you to, you guessed it, my poems.

So far what I have written has been extremely emotional and deeply personal.  And so far I really like the process of writing poems.  It is very different from writing blog posts or stories.  Maybe my next blog entry will be an insight as to how I get a poem written.  But in the meantime, I really hope you enjoy what I’ve written.  And as always, I encourage interaction via the comments.  I love feedback on my work.  Please consider it.


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