Sunday, June 3, 2012

June 3, 2012

Tonight, I have zero ambition.  I have zero inspiration.  I have zero desire to write.  And yet, I write.  I will struggle to get my 100 words down and posted.  I will struggle to find something meaningful to say.  But I will do it.  There has been nothing in the tank today, and I don’t know why.  It doesn’t concern me, however.  It is only one day.  I am sure that all writers have days like this.   Funny enough, I have days like this, and I’m just a wannabe.  Tomorrow will be a lax day for scribing as well…work all day and a meeting at night.  Hopefully a journal entry will happen when I get home from the meeting.  Yup, there’s nothing here.  But I beat my 100 word limit.  And so I’m done.


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