Tuesday, June 26, 2012

June 26, 2012

I do a lot of writing. I can be found, quite often, with my headphones on, iPad in had and simply writing. And when I am really feeling it, I will actually write something coherent, something that flows. I may not write good stuff, but I write stuff. From working on a poem (which is the flavor of the day, month, year...) or trying to write a short story to settling in for the long haul and getting Lionel Aber's story going. Remember Lionel? He was the focus of my work for a while. I haven't forgotten about him. Let's just say that he is on vacation and not able to participate right now. He has promised me he will return. Back to the point. Not everything I write will be fit for everyone. Some stuff I will put on Fifafan right away. Some of my writings will go onto a different website first. And yet other musings will never see the light of day. Why? Because some of it is not what I want anyone to read. I write it for me and my trash bin. But once again, I write.

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