Friday, June 1, 2012

June 1, 2012

Ok, theoretically this journal entry is being written on the 2nd, but I am going to count it on the 1st.  It is really early in the morning…almost my bedtime.  I haven’t had any time to write until now, so I figured I had better get my 100 words down.  So let’s talk zones.  I need to be in a certain zone in order to write, and the thing I thought about earlier today was this:  how do I get into the zone where I can really put some good stuff down?  I am not sure, and that frustrates me.  So, my goal for the next little while is to really focus on that issue.  What am I doing, what is stimulating me when I get into the zone that helps me to write.  And I will document it all, not for public consumption, but for my own use.  I think it is obvious from this entry that I am not in the zone.  Nope, nothing to document here.


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