Monday, April 9, 2012

April 9, 2012

Today is definitely a day that I have to force myself to write. At one point I really wanted to write…I had some ideas and I felt inspired. Not that I was about to pen the next best seller, but I definitely had something. Unfortunately, I was driving. And it is kind of illegal to write a novel whilst driving. And by the time I got a chance to write, the feeling was gone. But I promised myself I would put words on paper every day. And I did. I’m not proud of this entry, but I am proud that this is day 2 of writing. Sooner or later I will write something cool. Whether it be fan fiction, or just another ‘epic’ article, or maybe a glimpse into a book idea…I will write it. Just waiting for the inspiration. But I don’t think trying to write in the middle of watching WWE Raw is a great idea. Maybe I should listen to Phantom. That just might work.


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