Monday, April 16, 2012

April 16, 2012

I did it. I have written the opening little bit of my story on Lionel Aber. Who is he? Why, he is the lead character in the story I am writing. Read through some of my previous journal entries where I have mentioned him before. Not a lot of detail has been shared yet, but he is not 'new'. I must remember that this is only the first draft, and is subject to change. I will have to see how this whole thing unfolds, and it is a very real possibility that hings will change. But, it feels really good to have started. And the amazing thing is that it did not start as I envisioned it. Nope, the words just kind of flowed and took off on their own. That is either a realy good sign, or a really bad sign. Will I publish it on this website? I don't know yet. If I can get it written on time, I may submit it to a writing contest, and one of the stipulations is that the work has to be unpublished. Yes, I may do that. Or I may not. Time will tell. But now it is time to get out of the bathtub and have supper.


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