Saturday, April 28, 2012

April 28, 2012

I know.  I was committed to some serious writing this weekend.  Well, there is still is only Saturday.  Albeit really late on Saturday, but that still leaves me Sunday.  Depending on what transpires between church services, I may be able to get at it for a bit.  And if that fails, then there is always Sunday evening.  But I will write.  I'd love to get the introduction to Lionel written and posted.  Lofty goal, but it is well on the way so I do believe it is achievable.  I would have written today, but there was no time.  I spent time with the family during the day and did some computer work for a friend this evening.   Yes I have priorities, and writing is not quite at the top.  Nope.  It just isn't.  But it is up there on the old up there scale.  Trust me.


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