Sunday, April 29, 2012

April 29, 2012

The best laid plans of mice and men....isn't there a famous quote in that vein?  Pft, I could be way off base.  Anyways, I set out to accomplish some good writing this weekend.  I was bound and determined to work on Lionel's story and get something posted on the website.  Yep, them were da plans.  Did it work?  Did I follow through?  Did any of my plans come to fruition?  It's a one word answer:  Nope.  I could come up with a million excuses as to why I didn't.  But the bottom line is that none of that matters.  I spent a fair bit of time on the phone with my folks, and my two brothers.  And when it comes to writing, family is way more important.  And my weekend was family.  Important.


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