Tuesday, January 18, 2022

My Own Advice

 Dear reader.

Remember me? Yeah, I'm the guy who used to semi-regularly post his sad attempt at poetry on this site. And true to the history of posts here, I will once again post another sad attempt. It's been almost 2 years since I've published a poem. It's good to finally write something I'm happy with.

Today's prompt comes from dVerse Poets Pub. The words I chose to use are bellow, tempestuous, dulcet, seethe and beseech. Please enjoy.


There is no everlasting remedy

to the dulcet tones

of melancholy;

nor is there redress

to the bellowing

of silence.

All I know 

is a seething mind

in turmoil;

a tempestuous argument

between myself

and I.

We beseech one another

to forgive.

But I never heed

my own advice.


  1. Oh... this was brilliant... I think often the hardest person to forgive is ourselves... (and just maybe that makes it even harder to forgive others)

  2. Love the choice of sound words and some subtle rhyme pairings and that rueful ending - better still, a poem you are happy with after a plateau of silence

  3. Fortunately, you heeded your own advice to write and share this. Well done.

  4. Such a good use of the prompt words. I really love your opening, and the dulcet tones of melancholy. It sums up that quiet pull so well.

  5. Welcome back from your hiatus. Fluid and vulnerable with a dash of humor makes a tasty entree.

  6. Don’t believe I ever read your work before, but if this is an example — keep writin’ brother.

  7. Wonderful to see you ignoring your own advice, as it is often the inner critic, which should be immediately gagged and shoved in the back closet. Cheers to more poetry and poetry shares this year.

  8. Yes.......that is it...the crux....I never heed my own advice....how so very true....

  9. we are always hard on ourselves. sometimes we need to strangle the inner critic. i would love to read more of your poems.

  10. We can beseech ourselves all we want, but sometimes we just don't play ball! Nice work :-)

  11. That is an excellent poem. Keep writing!

  12. 'The bellowing' is a particularly striking sound for silence. Enjoyed this poem very much.

  13. Your words echo sound truth...

  14. Your words resonate as we all go through this turmoil. Wonderfully written.

  15. It is hardest to forgive one's self, never mind another. I post a sad (and feeble) attempt at poetry continually. People here are very kind.

  16. Great conversation between you and yourself.

    First time reading your work. Don't be too hard on yourself.
    This one was brilliant

    Much love...