Wednesday, February 21, 2018

The Ax

Good afternoon dear reader

It was time to write. So many words live in my heart and my head, but none of them have made it into a poem. It was time to change that. I could tell as I wrote this that I am desperately out of practice, but it felt good to finally get some words down. Please enjoy.

Feb. 21 / 2018

An axe was put to a tree;
a sharpened tool cut,
causing pain.
Causing pain.

Blow by blow, that tree shuddered;
what once was solid and strong
became fragile.
The tree no longer had confidence
in being able to stand
straight and tall.
Too much damage
had been done.

I wish my hand
had never gripped
that axe of destruction.
I long for the tree
to be whole again.
I weep for what I have wrought;
my tears are not enough
to replenish the strength
of that beautiful tree
I caused to suffer.

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