Tuesday, October 3, 2017


Dear reader, my post for day 3 of OctPoWriMo is intentionally untitled. You see, we were prompted to write a Cherita. Here is some info on it:
- The golden rule about a cherita is that it tells a story.
- A cherita is a very loose form. They are a stanza based form rather than a syllable-based one. And it is tradition that they are rarely titled. The form is simple: 

1 line stanza
2 line stanza
3 line stanza

The subject of the prompt is 'A Taste of Metal'. There are so many ways to go with this: Heavy metal music, the metal of my dentist's tool, to the metal of jewelry. But once again, I put my own slant on it.

I rarely write anything that could be a lightning rod for criticism. My intention with this Cherita is to say something about us as humans. I truly believe in what I wrote, and I will stand by it to my last breath. I hope, dear reader, that you understand and appreciate what I write. Even if you don't agree.


it seems to be human tendency
to have a desire to play
judge, jury and executioner

without paying heed to that very framework
in which our belief system is based;
it is foil in my teeth knowing that I too, am human.

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  1. Well said. Your poetry has a gentleness to it, this one has a steel spine.