Thursday, October 5, 2017


Hello dear is Day 5 of OctPoWriMo. I had a really good start to my piece for Day 4, but really struggled with the ending. Finally today, I got it. So I will post Day 4's piece now, and hopefully by tonight I will have Day 5 written.

Our prompt on Day 4 was:
Where does poetry hide in your life? In your city? Are you moved by clouds and water? Stormy skies or sunshine and fluffy clouds? Maybe this prompt can be a poetic vacation, a way for you to give words to your dream location.

I hope you enjoy what I turned this into. 

In the murky depths
of my algae riddled mind
lie words yet to written,
thoughts not yet born.

Behind eyes filled with sadness,
creativity is blurred
but not broken;
tears fall,
only to form
passionate patterns in verse.

Inspiration can be heard
in every raindrop;
listening to a whispering muse
takes effort and will.

A heart beats in time,
setting a tempo
with the rhythm of its needs;
its cadence keeps me aware
of my wakening need
to write.

My soul is laid out,
taking everything
which comes it's way
and turns it into

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