Tuesday, March 12, 2013


I haven't written for the patrons at the pub for a while, so this one is for them. Cheers!

Mistakes. Part of life,
says this foolish man
who has made plenty.

Aye, my cup is full
with remnants of memories.
Rash decisions that seemed
good at the time.

That very cup used to hold
a heart, beating wildly
with thoughts of a future
planned to perfection.

(was this the mistake?)
Listening to rules,
feeling guilty about being
so unsure...doubting everything.

Doubt lingers, the cup
spills over with present,
past and future.

Mistakes of the past
often turn into
blessings for the future.

Erroneous choices don't define
who I turned out to be.

Doubt gets redefined
to wondering
(what if?)

Mistakes I have made,
and will make again.
But I've learned to drink
from the cup
so it doesn't


  1. I'm the last person to link up at dVerse (so far anyway) and decided to comment first on the people down at the bottom like me.

    Your poem is one I think all can relate to. I've realized that what I've done in the past is firmly there...in the past. There's nothing I can do to change it...but still, I do wonder and mull things over. I like your ending line...so it doesn't overflow...good plan.

  2. mistakes are parts of life...true...and they can turn into blessings...often it is in the perspective we take of them...and not letting them weight us down...like that last stanza as well...drink up...smiles.

  3. Doubt gets redefined
    to wondering
    (what if?)... i like that...a cup full of doubts can make us unable to move...i like how you deal with it

  4. really strong reflections in here, particularly in the later portion of the poem. Hope you continue sharing with the pub, definitely enjoyed the write. Thanks

  5. You know what they say: the person who never made a mistake, never made anything. I believe there is one exception to the rule :-)

    We can never see what the future holds; nor do we know what part our 'mistakes' will play in it.

  6. "Mistakes", impetuousness, fate and such make all the questions you ask difficult. Each time, we try to improve -- what more can we do?

  7. I feel like we've echoed a similar emotion in our pieces-- so neat when different people can muse over something in such a similar sentiment ~ sweet. ~peace, Jason

  8. I definitely agree that what we think were mistakes in the past often turn into future blessings. As time goes on, one realizes that the 'mistakes' weren't! Enjoyed your write!

  9. Good to see you writing again! I liked the bit: "I've learned to drink from the cup". A poem with a lot of truth in it.