Friday, November 23, 2012

70 in a 70

Only sadness as I wrote this. It's not a personal experience, but for many it is too real.

Driving along, thoughts wandering
imagination going wild
with thoughts of
parties and fun,
drinks and his favorite girl.
In the zone, signs clearly stood
speed limit obvious
double the fines
people working
sons and daughters,
Dads and Moms.
110 through a 70
not a cop in sight
he could almost taste
the beer
and feel the burn
of whiskey.
Earning that pay cheque
to fund a college degree,
or to put food on the table,
to pay the mortgage
pay the tax man
Just an hour left in this cold day.
Light traffic.
Good, don't have to delay
his arrival.
Squealing tires
Supper got cold
waiting for
the arrival of
Dad, Mom?
Why the tears?
Family grieves
a community cries
Driving along
in the back of
the cruiser.
Fear, self loathing.
70 in a 70
Everyone goes home safe.
And nobody tries
to arrive early
at the dire cost
of someone
not arriving
at all.


  1. oh heck…so tough…my son recently had his driving license away for 4 weeks cause he didn’t stick to the speed limit…hope that taught him a lesson

  2. And, that is how life is all so easily snuffed out, in a flash of speed and hate of wanting to get somewhere in a rush, or, texting or drink driving, and, someone ends up crying.
    Hard hitting because it’s all true.
    Thanks for the visit

  3. Such a sad reality. Nicely expressed.

  4. A lot of good thoughts in here.

  5. Chilling words Rod! You paint the picture very well with your writing.