Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Relax...with bubbles

Good evening, dear reader

How do you relax? With a good book, or with some soft music? Do you engage in a hobby such as woodworking or painting? The point is that there are many ways to relax, and most people do something different. For instance, I put a bunch of words into sentences and hope they make sense and tell a story. Yep, that is how I relax. But, where do bubbles come in? Read on, dear reader. There are bubbles in my future.

Bubbles. We all like bubbles. As kids we blew bubbles from our little plastic stick thingies. As we grew up, most of us never really lost that intrigue. However, those are not the bubbles I am talking about. I suppose I could give a hint and say that heat and bubbles work together to help me relax. And now I suspect you are cluing in, so I will add one more hint. Water. You got it, dear reader. Hot tubs! There is nothing quite like soaking in a hot tub, maybe some quiet music playing, even a glass of wine close by. Ah yes, I can feel the daily stress sweating off me as I write this.

But, I don't have any wine. And the music isn't playing, although that is easily correctable. As a matter of fact, dear reader, bear with me for one moment as I turn on some music. Ah, that's better. now I can do some scribbling to the light tunes of The Statler Brothers. Something cold and wet would really set the mood for relaxing and writing. But alas, I must do without. Running to the kitchen to get liquid relief would create a bit of a mess. And that, in turn, would make my dear wife unhappy with me. Not cool. So, going forward then, I think we can agree that this sounds wonderful.

Imagining all this is in itself is the very definition of tranquility. Peacefully I close my eyes and think of sitting in a hot tub, with all the accoutrements I mentioned. If I try hard enough, I can even taste the Chianti or Merlot gracing my palette with their oaky tones. It is a sigh of contentment that I sigh. All of this, dear reader, is almost perfect.

Almost perfect? That may be a bit of an exaggeration. You see, I can't taste the wine. The spice of supper still reminds me of a wonderfully cooked meal that was chased down by a cup of coffee. There is music, and yes it really is The Statler Brothers. As a matter of fact, they are singing Flowers On The Wall, playing solitaire 'till dawn with a deck of 51. There we have it...no wine, but there is music. There is one more thing right and one more thing wrong happening here. There are bubbles. I could not possibly write about bubbles without being immersed in them. What then, could possibly be wrong with this picture?

Here is the crux of the matter, dear reader. I don't own a hot tub. This whole scenario goes out the window without a hot tub. Or does it? I don't think so, for pretty much every place I have ever lived in has a tub. And hot water. And in my most humble opinion, a tub and hot water makes a hot tub. Oh, I may not have the jets, but I can live with that. And as for the bubbles, Superstore sells monster sized bottles of bubble stuff, and it doesn't even stink too badly. There you have it, dear reader. Relaxing, in a hot tub, with bubbles and listening to music. How do you relax? As for me, I soak. And yes, I believe that guys can soak in a tub and it's not weird (some people think it is). And yes, I have enjoyed it my whole life. But next time, I want a glass of wine.

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  1. But how do you fit in a tub, Rod? I have trouble relaxing in a tub, and you are a teeny, tiny, bit taller than me, I think.