Saturday, May 26, 2012

May 26, 2012

Last night was a strange writing night.  I could not get going…there was simply nothing that was motivating me.  I tried music, I tried sitting quietly with my eyes closed and meditating, I tried whiskey.  Nothing worked.  And then…BAM.  Right around 1:00am, I am just heading off to bed.  An idea strikes me…not a new idea, but rather an idea of where I can take the story; a couple possible endings and a bit more content.  So, I wrote a bit yet at that time of day.  Crazy but true.  But then today, I started having some doubts.  Not about the story, but about the format.  It is going to be a he said / she said type story, where both of the main characters talk about the same events, but from their own perspectives.  It is kind of a neat conversation so far.  Oh, and before you ask…I am still working on Lionel Aber’s story.  So, I really have two ideas on the go.  And of course, there is always the stuff that will never see the light of day because it’s trash.  And all I can say is this:  I’m writing again.  And it’s fun again.


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