Thursday, May 24, 2012

May 24, 2012

In the words of James Brown…I feel good!  I have listened to a lot of music today, and for whatever reason, music inspires me.  And so I think I will start having my tunes shooting into my ears whilst trying to craft some coherent sentences.  Although I have to admit that typing and bopping is a rather difficult thing to do.  I suppose I will find out if practice makes perfect.  If it doesn’t, I guess who ever read’s my stuff will notice some spelling mistakes.  Or my spell checker will suddenly become over worked.  And so, it seems that tonight may be a good night of writing.  I am not yet sure if Lionel is going to make an appearance in any of the stuff I’m writing.  I may just try get a short story started.  I have some terrific ideas that I’d like to write about.  My oh my, where is all this coming from.  Music, you are my friend.  And I thank you.  Credit you will get.


Addendum:  The above was written at Mark & Nelena’s place, at the very start of my kids organ lessons.  During the rest of the lesson, I managed to write 1286 words in a non-Lionel related story.  I will most likely not post that story, but it is sure turning into an interesting read and an interesting format.  I’m loving writing it.  It has a definite end, but it could be a very circuitous route to get there.  I’m hoping that I don’t lose interest in it.


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