Thursday, May 14, 2009

Better Late than Never

Hello?  Dear reader, is that you?  Hmm, fancy meeting you here.  I’d have thought you gave up on ever hearing from me again.  After all, it’s been a while since I’ve graced these pages with my musings.  Am I too busy?  No, not really.  Lazy?  Yup.  I have been so uninspired to write, and I feel really bad about it.

Ok.  I’m over it.  I don’t feel bad anymore.  Now, on to the important stuff.

Dianne.  Y’all are wondering how she’s doing, right?  I have to say that she is doing pretty good.  She is half way through the chemo treatments…4 down, 4 to go.  At the last consultation, the good Dr. could not detect any change in the tumour size, albeit this is without the benefit of an ultrasound.

He (the Dr.) is quite impressed with how Dianne is reacting to the chemo.  He is amazed that her eyebrows have not disappeared yet (although they are very very thin), and he can’t figure out why she doesn’t get more sick than what she does.  I know why…it’s cuz she’s tough as nails.  Trust me.

So, where do we go from here?  Well, starting with the next treatment, she is going to be getting a different chemo cocktail.  That one makes us nervous, because it is apparently the most horrid thing one can imagine.  Bah, bring it on.  We can take it…one day at a time, but we’ll make it through.

(Am I the only one who thought Detroit’s 4th goal tonight should NOT count?  Stupid, coward zebra pinhead).  /end tangent.

Dear reader, things continue to go well here.  We continue to give everything over to our Lord, and we firmly believe that He is helping us get through this.  And we thank you very much for all the support we continue to receive.

Until next time (and hopefully it won’t be a long time), cheers.


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