Tuesday, May 26, 2009

PICC her, PICC her!!!

Dear reader, in my humble (and unbiased!!) opinion, my dear wife should be woman of the year.  Yes, it’s only May and there is still 7 months to go, but she is truly the leading candidate to win this award.  And if I am the only one who votes for her, then she still wins the award.  My wife is truly amazing.

Ok.  Enough of the stomach turning diatribe.  I’m already in enough trouble for writing such stuff (love you babes!!).  So you’re wondering “What’s up with the silly title of this entry?”  PICC her?  PICC her for what?  Woman of the year?  No, dear reader, it’s PICC not PICK..  I did not make a spelling mistake.  PICC = peripherally inserted central catheter.  I mentioned in an earlier blog entry that the Drs decided to install a PICC line into Dianne so that she won’t have to get poked any more for a chemo IV.  Well, the PICC is in.

Monday morning, Dianne went in to the CCI (remember the CCI, the Cross Cancer Institute) and there the Dr. installed the PICC.  Apparently the Dr. was not a Monday person.  Witnesses say that he was mumbling and muttering the whole time under his breath…something about putting a 3mm tube into a 2 mm vein and the logistics and possibilities thereof.  He was not amused.  And the same witnesses say that he did not have much of a sense of humor.  When he asked Dianne if she was sure her height was 5’6, she responded by quipping “Maybe I’m a bit shorter without hair?”.  He didn’t see the humor.  I howled with laughter when she told me that she said that!!!  His response:  A very curt “that makes no difference”.  Methinks buddy should start taking Mondays off if his humor stays home like that.  Grump.

So, how’s Dianne doing now?  Well, by Monday evening she was sore (the freezing came out!!) and tired (she didn’t get a chance to nap).  Her arm was pretty puffy, and I’m sure it’s not a steroid related growth (good thing there’s no drug testing for sporting events in her near future).  Nope, it was just puffy from the PICC installation.  By this morning, the swelling had gone down and Dianne was not as sore.  Now the kids and I just have to be careful around that arm.  Trouble could be brewing if we bump it.

Today is a day off for Dianne…she has no appointments scheduled.  Wednesday is an ultrasound and heart tests (I think), Thursday is blood work and consultation and Friday is chemo…the first round of the second type of cocktail.  4 of those and then chemo is done!!!

I’ll update more probably on Friday or Saturday with results from the ultrasound, heart tests and consultation (with blood work).  Thank you Gerda for giving Dianne a ride yesterday, and thank you Evelyn for taking Rebecca in for the day!!  We really appreciate the effort you went through to help.  And of course, we are very thankful for all the support we continue to receive from everybody!!  Thank you.



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