Monday, April 27, 2009

The week that was.

Good morning, Dear Reader.  Welcome to Monday.  Ugh.  Monday.  Have I related to you how much I do not like Mondays?  I believe I have, so I won’t go off on a rant about what Mondays do to me.  Ugh.

I haven’t updated these pages for some time now, and that is mostly due to laziness and a severe lack of writers block.  I started updates almost everyday, even just to say hello.  But, whatever I wrote just didn’t flow, didn’t work and was impossible to read.  I suspect that this won’t be any better.  However, I feel the need to update you on Dianne’s status.

The week that was.  For the most part it was a pretty tame week, with a wee hiccup on Thursday.  For whatever reason, the last chemo treatment didn’t hit her very hard.  Maybe it was the new anti-nausea med she tried.  Maybe she’s just uber-tough.  Maybe we’re all just getting used to it and didn’t notice.  I don’t know….but I’ll take it.  I’ve mentioned before that when she has a good day, we all have a good day.  And except for Thursday, they’ve pretty much all been good days (relatively speaking, of course).

So what happened Thursday?  Well, suddenly, without fore-warning, Dianne could not keep any liquids in.  She was pale, even more pale than normal.  Now, she’s always been my alabaster queen, but this was pretty bad.  And lethargic.  The poor gal had zero energy.  I ended up giving the kids their breakfast, getting David out the door for school (on time even!!!).  Dianne ended up in bed.  The main cause of concern here was dehydration.  This is potentially very bad for her, and could have potentially ended her up at the Cross for an IV.

But, before we panicked we called the Cross and asked for advice.  They suggested that she try Imodium.  So, Rebecca and I drove to Safeway and picked up some Imodium.  While we were there, we bought a dozen multi-color roses for Dianne along with a big helium balloon that said “Happy Birthday!!”.  I also picked up a Venti Vanilla Mocha something or other coffee from Starbucks.

Yes, dear reader…Thursday was Dianne’s birthday.  What a way to spend it, huh?  I’m pretty sure it will be a birthday she will soon as forget.  And no, she won’t forget it because of chemo brain…she’ll forget it because it really wasn’t a great birthday.  We tried to make it special for her, and hopefully we succeeded.  The positive news is that the Imodium helped, and by mid afternoon she was keeping in the liquids and she started to perk up a bit.  I ended up going to work for a few hours, and things went back to normal.

That was our Thursday scare.  It is possible that Dianne caught some sort of bug.  As this is the ‘no immune system’ period, this was scary.  Thankfully she got over it real quick, and things are now back to the new normal.

Here’s hoping that this week has no such scares or episodes.



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