Thursday, April 9, 2009

4 day weekend!!! w00t w00t!!!

Good day, dear reader.  Welcome to Thursday…the last work day until Tuesday.  Ah, the sweet sound of ‘4 day weekend w00t w00t!!!!’  That’s right…4 days off.  Brilliant.  There is lots going on this weekend.  My dad is turning 70 on Saturday (Happy Birthday, Dad!!!!!!) and my eldest niece is doing public profession of faith (Congrats, Debra!!!!!!!!).  I’m taking the kids on the first bike ride of the year on Friday.  Lots going on.  Lots to be thankful for.

One of the nicest parts of the weekend is that Dianne is feeling pretty good.  It is always hard to see it when she suffers after a chemo treatment, but it is very uplifting to all of us when she is doing well.  She has another week to prepare for her next chemo, but it will be a busy week.  She goes for an ultra-sound on Tuesday at the CCI.  Presumably they want to check out the tumors, and see if they are shrinking, or just hanging about maintaining the status quo.  Thursday she goes for her pre-chemo blood work and consultation, and if all goes well she will go for chemo on Friday.  Round 3 it will be….only 5 to go after that!!!  Is that a light at the end of the tunnel I see?  Heh heh…a bit optimistic, but that’s the way I roll.  To Dianne I say ‘stay strong babe!!!  By the grace of God you’re doing awesome!!!!’

I would like to thank Pastor Lindemuller (I hope I spelled that right) from the URC in Fresno, California for the gift.  He and his wife sent us a book…I can’t remember what the title of it is (I’m at work at the book isn’t), but I will publish that title tonight as an addendum to this blog entry.

And a shout-out goes to Joanne who put the idea in my head to actually keep these entries and make it into some sort of journal so we can go back on it years down the road.  I told you you’d like this entry, Joanne!!!  Thanks!!!!!

Have a great weekend, dear reader.  I hope to see you again on these pages soon.


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