Monday, June 23, 2014

Thank you, from my own two feet

Under my blanket
of darkness,
your whispering voice
reached deep into
this tortured soul.

Your resolve,
holding me in love's embrace,
kept me warm.

That tender caress,
offered unconditionally,
slowly drew back
coverings of self-loathing.

A prayer offered up,
amidst tears of anguish,
answered in a love
only you can provide.

You only offered

That is what I needed.

No judgement or rebuke.
You had no
'easy fixes'.

As I lie
in gloomy shadows,
your soft touch
cooled my burning skin.

I fell from a confident perch,
remaining prostrated
beyond the light.

But you...

you became
my strength
my words
that song which lent power
to my weakened mind.

You are my everything.
You gave the desire to stand
on my own two feet.

Thank you.

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