Monday, June 9, 2014

Picking up the Pieces

I'm trying to find back
remnants of confidence
which never really existed.

Sweeping illusions under
a rug of mediocrity,
reflection is a game
I'd rather not play.

Looking backwards leads
to a world

of darkness

Buoyed by support
from those who


I don't mindlessly drift
upon this sea of tears,
but riding waves of
I learn to let currents
of feelings
guide me
to a safe haven.

Uncertainty in self
clouds my ability
to let people in,

but through
my words
my poems

I offer a glimpse
of my heart,
my soul
my mind.

With each hurt I write,
I step out
of that firing line
which shatters me

I run into your arms
for help
for support

and together we work
at picking up
the pieces.

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