Friday, April 4, 2014


Hello dear reader

This is the 7th piece I wrote in the Anxiety collaboration. This piece was the chosen one, until I wrote another piece. If you have read all 6 poems in this series, you will see a progression from dark to not so dark. Each piece has emotion, lots of it. I have to admit that this one was the hardest to write, as the emotion hit me very hard. I was mentally spent after writing and editing this (although there was very little editing to be done). As I was in my 'writing state of mind', I cried. Yes, dear reader, some poetry does that to me. I was overwhelmed by emotion. I have not yet figured out if the tears were borne from the poem, or if the words flowed out as a reaction to where my head was at. Maybe it just doesn't matter.

This poem is the 2nd last one in this series. I hope you enjoy it. I hope you, in some little way, took a journey with me. Maybe my words have revealed something in us that we don't want people to see. Maybe you just simply can't relate to any of it. And there is always the risk that you laugh at me and my words. This is all fine. I have grown. I have learned. Smiled and cried, I've run the gamut of emotion in this series of poetry. Please enjoy.

Rod E. Kok
April 2014

I’m strong, I can stand
against the buffeting winds
that try push me down.

      (I’m weak, too easy I fall,
      giving in to the pressure
      that mounts from within.)

In the face of your discrimination,
I’m courageous
      (I fear your abuse)

Yes, I am strong.
Though my gnarled hands
bend with age,
my roots…

      (break, there is no
      vigor left in me) mind twists
that which should grow
into a solid foundation,
turning it into

      (groans of pain,
      mental anguish.
      Weakness takes over)

A tired thought dances
through dim light,
bringing some joy
into the
      (bleak. All I see are
      shadows. Mocking shadows.)

Once I believed I had it,
an inner strength to deal
with anything.

      (Like a mirage, my spirit
      couldn’t grasp what it needed.)

Now I envision…
no, I see what I truly am.

My hands are wringing,
I’m cold.

I am


  1. Life is such a roller coaster ride and truly we must seek strength outside of ourselves. You do know who and what you are and where to find strength... I know that you have been tested my friend and you fight the good fight! By the way I love your words. ;)

  2. im sorry i disagree.

  3. I find your work saddening, like you need to find more positive aspects in your life. We all get wrenches thrown at our faces smashing out our teeth and splitting our brows open. The champions in history deal with the crap thrown at them differently than the suck people. Life happens once and we can wallow in self pity or be amazing.

    1. Thanks for the great comment! The purpose of this series of poetry was not to reveal my exact psyche. Rather, I wanted to reveal the emotion that some people do feel because of a mental illness. The theme I collaborated on is 'Anxiety'. Not necessarily my anxiety. Thanks the interaction!!