Monday, April 21, 2014

A Rose

Pale light shimmered in warm air.

I trudged on through life
even though it seemed
night was falling.

I tried to find happiness
to buy contentment.
Peace of mind was sinking
with the setting sun.

Mirages sprang up,
showing their last gasp effort
at fooling me into thinking
I'd found what I sought.

Alas, I wasn't fooled.
Though I played in their sandbox,
my castle was never built.
An endless wave of destruction
swept away foundations built on


I walked on.
I fell, but got back up.

I came to a fence,
an area designed
to keep me out.
Thorn bushes grew within this space,
menacing and rude...
there was no way around.

Scratched and bleeding,
I made it to the center...
a clearing.

And there.

There she stood
shy yet resplendent in her beauty.
Her petals refused to open,
outer leaves cloaked her
in an intimate embrace
designed to protect.
This flower, so full of
she withdrew from shadows
caused by the setting sun,
trying to hide

from me.

In the darkening glow
of falling night,
I beheld her color.

Blood red.

I wanted to taste her color,
it was fine wine,
a nectar created by God Himself.
And I knew...

I knew this flower was
to be mine.

I saw her blooming,
caused by my
gentle caress,
my loving words,
my breath of life.

Yet nothing was true
naught was sure
with darkness falling.

And then...

She awoke. Her bloodred petals
and cast their light
all around us.

Darkness fled, to be replaced
by a wonderful song
of love
of passion
of intimate closeness.

Among a field of thorns
I found an exquisite flower.
A rose, as red as
life-giving blood.

And we lived.

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