Monday, March 31, 2014

Deaf Ears

Good afternoon, dear reader

Here is the 5th poem I wrote for the Anxiety / Release collaboration. It is dark, but I don't feel it as dark as #4. There are some really cool ideas in this piece, and I remember being fairly happy with it. The only thing I don't like is that it seems to end very abruptly. But it is finished...I have nothing more to offer this particular piece.

Rod E. Kok
March 2014

It’s wrong. All is so very
My dreams insist on being
a harbinger of nothing
  (No sunshine at night)

Rumination lays bare
sins of the past,
I’m saddened by what I did.
  (We all make choices)

Hiding my thoughts,
my dreams,
the desires that exist
in a secret place
cover me in an unholy sweat.
  (Get behind me, devil)

There is no understanding
from those around me,
friends abandon the sinner
  (cast not that stone!)

Apologies aren’t heard,
much less accepted.
Ah, the tears that flow
don’t reflect pity,
only remorse.
  (Why can’t you see that?)

Forgiveness is all I want
I beg for it.
On my knees, I make my
impassioned plea.
  (it falls on deaf ears)

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