Friday, January 3, 2014


I made a vow
to you
for us.

A simple ring witnesses
the very truth which
encircles our hearts.

That very profession of
love before God, in front of
those we hold dear,
that oath does not waver.

Even confronted by
tumourous horror,
faced with the ending breath
of him who we made

(a gift of the Almighty, to be sure),

steadfastly we remained

Taking nothing for granted,
we give thanks. For everything.

Our laughter, our pain,
our frustratations and our passions
all testify to a pledge which
we hold on to.

Aye, we made our troth,
and this I renew.

Not a day will go by
before eternity claims us
that you won't know,
you won't sense,
you won't feel

my love.

It is you.
This is for you...

my promise.

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