Friday, May 17, 2013

An End to Goodbyes

Never do we think
goodbye will ever
happen. Our little
corner of Paradise
is you, me...ours.

Never will we understand
decisions of evil which
wrest farewell from our tears.
Nothing makes sense, an empty place
in our hearts created by...


Cheap thrills?
At what cost?
A motivation not to be grasped,
but only questions.
And unimaginable sorrow.

Comfort in our Saviour
seems hard to grasp,
yet He bears our burden.

Goodbye should never happen
in such a terrible manner.
Hope should never fade
under profound sadness.

God called Tim home,
he arrived safe
in the arms of Jesus.

A family mourns, broken
a community comes together,
a world groans,
we sleep under a prayer
that He will come.

And finally, there will be
an end
to goodbyes.

Dedicated to the family and friends of Tim Bosma.


  1. Awsome, Rod! Did you send it to them?

  2. felt man...goodbyes are not fun most times....esp when they are unexpected...i def felt the emotion through this...i like the blend in or spirituality...and its good to see you writing again...smiles.

  3. Lean not unto thy own understanding....

  4. Goodbyes so hard and sad. Nice capture.