Monday, November 9, 2015

The Man

I heard the man,
whispering in my ear.
His soothing voice
drew me in,
his choice of words
convinced me.

I saw the man
in a mirror;
he was perched
on my shoulder,
his talons held me
in their fierce grip.

I felt the man
touch my soul;
a dirty black spot followed
his every caress.
Pain coursed through
my very core.

I fought the man;
every blow
caused him to laugh.
He fended off
my weakening attack.

I followed the man,
submissively I obeyed.
He led me astray,
every fork in that road
was the wrong one.

I cursed the man,
but he shoved me along;
he forced me to go
where I was too weak
to resist.
My words
had no effect.

I heard the man
He spoke of things
too dark to mention.
Yet he made it all seem…

I allowed the man
to keep me alive,
to get me lost,
to give me pain.

It seemed I had
no choice,
no choice but to give him
my soul.

I want it back,
for I hate
the man.

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