Saturday, October 3, 2015


Good day and happy weekend, dear reader. Welcome to day 3 of OctPoWriMo. Today we are prompted to write shape poetry. We are to write about something that drains us, something that depletes our energy. My words today do not talk about this out right, but I hope you can see what my experiences are as a bipolar person. I hope you can feel my tiredness in verse 1, along with the opposite in verse 2. It is subtle, but it is in there. Along with that, I hope you see the stairs. 
Please enjoy.

Rod E. Kok
October 3, 2015

down these
stairs, my mind
plays tricks on me
as I descend into the
dark recess of depression.
I find the cold floor; I am curled
up in a ball, trying to stay warm as
I wait for help to come and rescue me.

          up these
      stairs. Your
         strong arm is my
 guide, your love takes
         me out of darkness; You
 wrap me in your warmth, your
   breath fills me with hope. My prayer
is to never go down these stairs again.



  1. Very nicely done! And I can see the struggle of each.

    My link is on the prompt page.

  2. It's wonderful. Thank you for taking us on the journey with you.

  3. definate feeling of hope in the second set of stairs.
    well said and great shapes.

  4. Oh, Aramis!!! That is so beautiful!! Amazing job!!!