Thursday, February 19, 2015

Never Apart

Dear reader

The following poem is my first contribution to the #1000Speak movement. This is a group of over 1000 voices who are doing their part to flood the world with compassion, in whatever form it they choose. Compassion means something different for everyone. I hope that in some small way, my struggles with depression and my choice of words in this piece will touch someone. Even if 1 person finds something in what I've written, then I have achieved my goal. I hope you enjoy this piece.

Rod E. Kok
Feb. 19, 2015

From murky shadows
my voice whispers,
reaching out to those
who cannot find
their way.

Mired in cold depths,
I fight my way out,
seeking kindred spirits
to travel this rocky shore

A tale of two struggles,
I know not where
to focus my prayers.

I ask to be healed,
I beg peace
for you.

Alas, torment exists
coming and going
from my mind
to yours.

My cry is passionate,
yet weak.
I will embrace you
for the sake
of warmth.

I will walk with you,
sharing our fears...
we will end up alone
but never apart.


  1. I love it, Rod! I wish so much for you to gain the peace you can't seem to find yet. And I am so proud and glad that you took part in this effort. You rock, sir!