Friday, May 23, 2014


Everybody hides behind
Hidden agendas,
covert thoughts.
Secretly we love
or hate.

Deep in our heart
lies the essence of what
we believe, yet we fear...
we fear to speak

I am no different.

My mask is confidence.
Hurt is cocooned inside.

I am hypocrite,  for what you see
is not who I am.

What I say is not always what
I think.
Therefore I am
able to see beyond
what is presented.

Trust is rarely given,
for our lies...
no, our lack of
saying truth
holds me back.

Hearts don't belong
on sleeves.
Choice to speak is
freely taken.
Decisions to hurt
are not accidents.

We are alike,
you and I.
You spoke, I wrote.
Our words were equal,
painting the same picture.

We both hide behind
a facade.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks much, Lori. Always appreciate your feedback.

  2. Brilliant poem! I love the message behind this! Strangely, I have been attempting to write a poem with a similar meaning called masquerade, yet never managed to get it passed notes! So well done :) love it!