Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Victoria 6 - A Portrait

You may have seen me posting Twitter or Facebook messages about some work I am learning / doing in a program called DAZ Studio. I have been studying the world of 3d lighting, and using DAZ to create a character, insert him or her into a scene, light it and render it. Although there is much more to it than that, I have just given you the Cole's Notes version.

This is my first image that I am satisfied with enough to publish it. It is far from perfect. I have a lot to learn yet. This is a journey on which I can explore more of my creative side, and at times it will work hand in hand with my poetry.

This first render is of a character called Victoria 6. Victoria is the flagship character in DAZ. You see her here with pretty much her default settings. The only thing I added to her was the hair (yes, she arrives in the program bald!). I may have tweaked her eyes a little. I decided to do a portrait as my first render, as it involves the least amount of shadows to worry about. I'm sure I got my lighting wrong, but that's what the process is all about...growing!

And so, here is Victoria 6 - A Portrait.
(Click on the picture to make it larger)

Victoria 6 - A Portrait

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  1. This is very cool Rod. Photography is very much about playing with the light and I find it fascinating. :D