Monday, September 26, 2011

Fifafan 2.0

Good evening dear reader

Before I begin, I must give props to my friend James.  He is the one who inspired the title.  He dubbed it Fifafan 2.0 on a Facebook I borrowed it.  Thanks, James.  Next time I see you, I'll buy you a beer.  Now that I'm done that part...welcome.  Welcome to my new site.  It has been quite a while in my mind, and almost as long in production.  And now today, I go live with the new site.  Is it done?  By no means.  Is it different?  Oh yeah.  Read on, dear reader.  Let me take you through some changes and some plans.

Fifafan 2.0 was born quite some time ago, and it was born in the usual manner...starting as a mere thought, which led to a discussion, which in turn went into some practice runs.  And out of the practice runs came this...the site as you see it right now.  And Fifafan 2.0 will grow, it may mature and it may even show signs of wisdom.  This is how you know it is mine.

A quick tour of the site is in order.  At the top right of the page is the main menu, and this where you get from place to place.  The Home page is...obvious.  The Ramblings page is where the actual blog is located.  It contains 3 sub-menus:  Article Index, which is where you can see a list of all the articles on the blog; Cancer - Our Journey, which is the original blog I wrote throughout Dianne's journey through cancer; and My Musings, which is where the majority of my writings not cancer related will be.

The About Me page is a very brief auto-biography, and the Contact Me page is a form in which you can, me.  Pretty simple stuff, really.

What do you think so far?  Personally I like it.  It is fresh, it is clean.  And I love working in WordPress.  But, I am not done yet, dear reader.  We've been through some let's go through some plans.

Are you wondering where my picture gallery is?  Or my polls?  Well, as of right now, I am not sure they are coming back.  Thus, any article I wrote on the old site pertaining to pictures or polls will not be posted...yet.  If I find a gallery plugin or a poll plugin that I am happy with, I will re-post the old articles as well as new ones.  So, that is one plan...tentative, but still a plan.

The other plan is something that my friend Richard inspired in me.  You see, he was showing me a cool piece of software in his classroom that basically was a story spinner.  Spin the 4 wheels and come up with a plot that one must write a short story about.  This is definitely something I am going to implement.  And soon.  There will be a sub-category under Ramblings called Story Spinner, and this will contain the stories.  There is nothing quite like getting the creative juices flowing by writing about random plots involving random people in random locations.  Plus it forces me to write, and will help me grow as a writer.  Watch for this could be good.

You do have the option of registering on the site.  It doesn't serve much benefit right now, but eventually I am hoping to have guest writers...and it could be you.  You also have the option of commenting on most articles.  And I encourage you to participate in this way.

The site is changing, dear reader.  It might change on a daily basis, or it might not change for a week.  But change it will.  And I will write.  I welcome you to the new  I hope you enjoy your visits.  I know I'm going to enjoy being back.



  1. ….I am humbled that you deemed my suggestion worthy …..But I will most definitely hold you to your end of the bargain and take you up on the beer offer

  2. My curiosity has been quenched, and now I eagerly wait updates.