Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A Prayer for Stef.

Hello again, dear reader.

Almost a month has passed since I've written an article, and that is mostly due to a lack of interest.  Nothing of note has caught my attention...at least nothing that inspired me to write.  And now I'm back, but I have to warn you now, dear reader...I am not back under happy circumstances.  No, the subject of my writing today is a sad one...and a tough one to write.  But, write it I will, because it is important to me that the request I bring gets out there.  Read on, dear reader.  For Stef.

On Friday November 19, my 22 year old cousin Stephanie was involved in a horrific car accident involving a semi.  Today, Stef is fighting for her life in the Royal Alex Hospital in Edmonton.  I won't go into many details, but she is a very injured girl.  Most worrisome is the brain injury, and the extent of it.

Dear reader, normally I am not very expressive when it comes to religion, my faith or what I believe.  It is not me, not who I am.  Today I step out of my comfort zone.  Today I am writing a simple prayer...a prayer for Stef, a prayer for her husband Aaron, her Mom and dad, her brother Justin, Aaron’s parents...yes, dear reader, I am writing a prayer for the whole family and all her friends.  Please, dear reader, pray for Stef.  Pray for healing.

Dear Lord

You alone are the great healer, the great physician.  You guide the hands of all doctors and nurses and medical professionals.  When things seem bleak, You can provide us with the hope of a better tomorrow.

And today, O Lord, we ask for Your strength, Your healing power and Your love to be on Stef.  Cause her body to heal, and restore her to health.  Preserve her life, O Lord.  Give the medical professionals all they need to do their work...guide their hands and their minds.

Give strength and comfort to her husband Aaron, her mom Regina, her dad John and her brother Justin.  Give them all the knowledge that Stef is in Your fatherly hands, and that You love her.  Also give strength and comfort to Aaron’s family, and to all of Aaron and Stef's extended families and friends.

O Lord, many prayers are being offered for Stef and her family.  Please answer our prayers, Lord.  If it is Your holy will, let Stef be restored.


Thank you, dear reader for praying for Stef.  The power of prayer is an awesome power.


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