Thursday, September 9, 2010

What was that all about?

'Allo, dear reader

You may or may not have heard by now that my dear wife went in for a bunch of tests this week at the CCI (Cross Cancer Institute).  Some of you may even have been a bit startled by this.  Well, let me put your minds at ease.  Please, dear on.

A couple months ago, I posted an article in which I mentioned a 'test' that Dianne was possibly going to participate in.  For those of you who missed that entry, here it is again.  I'm copying and pasting from that article, so please read it if you'd like, and then I'll continue todays writing.

"Also, starting in September, Dianne will be participating in a study that will see her take a new drug called Neratinib.  We had some concerns about this drug and it's side effects, but her oncologist reassured us that all the side effects are treatable.  Orginally Dianne was going to turn down the opportunity to participate in this study....mainly because she's had enough.  She is tired, and it takes hardly anything to wear her out.  Yes, she looks healthy and she looks awesome, but really people....there are still issues.  I think most people forget that (not that I blame them for that).  The thinking is that she must be good since she looks so good.  Not so much.  The heart medicine really sets her back every morning, and this new drug too will not be very pleasant.  The oncologist really wants Dianne on this study, because she is a very high risk for re-occurence due to the type of cancer she had.  Fortunately, she will be able to start the study in September, once the kids are in school.  She really did not want this drug and its side effects to ruin her summer...and now it won't.  We are very thankful for that.  Again, I will keep you all informed as to any test results that we get back, and I will continue to post updates if there's anything."

So, now that it is September, the process has started to possibly enrol Dianne in the study.  Thus she had to go for a mugga scan, an ECG, a chest x-ray and blood work.  All of this is to determine if she is healthy enough to go on the drug.  We will not find out the results until next week Thursday.  If everything looks good, Dianne will start the drug on Friday.

And that, dear reader, is what it's all about.  Nothing to worry's just another case of our health care system working well.



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