Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Monday's Musings...on Tuesday.

Good Afternoon, Dear Reader

So last week just didn't work out for writing.  It was a fairly busy week.  This week is busy as well, but I have about an hour and a half to try put something coherent here.  There is not much new going on right now.  Dianne and I did go to a concert the other night...we went to see the Soweto Gospel Choir perform at the Winspear here in Edmonton.  Dear reader, if you ever get the chance, I highly recommend seeing this group perform live.  Listening to the music off a cd is wonderful, but their performance, their dance and their wonderful interaction with the audience is worth every penny.  We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, and I will definitely go see them again!!

Wondering how the RC helicopter hobby is taking off?  (Groan, that was horrible!!!)  Well, I believe that last time we talked, I had been flying the little Falcon 3 channel chopper, and I had ordered the Lama V4 4-channel chopper.  It turns out that the Lama is an absolute blast to fly, but it is not suitable for flying in my house.  So, I fly it at work in the loading bay.  I have since purchased an E-Flight Blade MSR, which is a little chopper (less that 8 inches long) that is perfect for flying in the house.  It is a squirlly little thing, and is an absolute blast.  It is very durable, as it should be.  It goes a million miles per hour until it hits a wall, after which it will merrily fly along again with no damage usually.  It is a much different flying experience than the Lama...the Lama is a coaxial chopper, while the MSR is a fixed pitch.  Now I can't wait to get home tonight to fly.  I'll post pics of the choppers on http://www.fifafan.ca/ (works best of Firefox or Safari).

Health wise, there is not much new to report.  My diabetes is being managed by pills, diet and (alleged) excercise. And Dianne continues to go for treatments and tests.  Both kids are healthy.  All is well then, right?  Right. 

Renovations on our house are continuing.  We have decided to get the house sided with vinyl siding, which will just go over top the existing stucco, with an inch of insulation between.  The company, Ultimate Renovations (no I don't get a discount for the free advertising), started the job on Friday, and we are hoping they'll be done this week.  I'll post pictures on http://www.fifafan.ca/ once it's done. 

And that, dear reader, is about all I've got.  I could go on a rant about the stupid drivers in Edmonton, but as I believe I've mentioned before, that will be an entire post on its own.  So, until next time.....farewell.


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