Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A Quickie….

Ok, then….here we go.  A really quick update.  No, I’m not much in the mood for writing…I have a game of Medieval II: Total War waiting for me.  Plus I’m not feeling too inspired tonight.  Thus, you get this update in a quick manner.

As much as I’d love to say “All is well” and end this thing….I can’t.  I owe it to you, dear reader, to provide a bit more detail.  You have stuck with me for almost 8 months (or is it more?), and so I will give an alluring look into the day.

All is well.


Ok. Ok.  A sad attempt at humour.  I’ll not try that again.  *sigh* 

The day started out wonderfully….we got David on the bus to go to school, and the rest of us were ready to go immediately after that.  So, we headed off to St. Albert, to the surgeons office, for Dianne’s scheduled appointment.  When we got there, the door was locked, and the secretary (remember her of great notoriety?) was seated at her desk (I could see her as I plastered my face against the window).  When she unlocked the door, she did not greet us at all.  So, in a very dignified and tactful manner, I bellowed “Good Morning!!!!!!!”  Someone needed more coffee this morning.  It turns out that our appointment was not at this particular office, but at the hospital.  I’m still wondering why we weren’t informed of this.  We asked the secretary to phone the hospital and let them know we’d be a wee bit late for the 8:15 appointment, and with that…..we scampered off.

And, the joy continued.  When we got to the hospital, we asked the admitting office where the Outpatient office was.  They pointed it out to us (across the foyer from them), and then proceeded to make sure we were supposed to be there.  We were….things are good again.  So, we shuffle across the foyer and let the nurse at the desk of the Outpatient clinic know that Dianne was there for her 8:15 appointment with the surgeon.  Again, someone desperately needed coffee.  We were told that Dianne needed to be admitted (didn’t the admitting office just verify that Dianne was admitted, registered, paper-worked, stamped and verified?)  With a mighty sigh, we shuffled back across the foyer to the admitting office, and told them that apparently Dianne still needed to be admitted.  The admitting nurse bellowed at the outpatient clinic nurse that Dianne was admitted, registered, paper-worked, stamped and verified.  The outpatient clinic nurse bellowed back for the paper work (complete with registration, admittance, stamps and verification).

Have you kept up with me, dear reader?  Well then, Dianne finally got to see the surgeon (I stayed in the foyer with Rebecca and read her a Winnie the Pooh book).  Here is the part you’ve all been waiting for…….wait for it……wait for it……

All is well. 

The surgeon was very pleased at how well Dianne is healing.  Things are looking very well.  There is no sign of infection.  One of the 3 drains was removed.  And that is the update.  See, like I said…all is well.  Dianne is feeling good, and is still constantly exercising her arms (especially the left one), and that is coming along nicely.  The surgeon is going to refer Dianne to a plastic surgeon with a view towards reconstructive surgery, but there is apparently a 1 year to 1.5 year waiting list for this.  No big deal, as Dianne will be able to wear prosthetics until a permanent set can be put in place.  Once the drains are out, and there is no tenderness in the area she can go in for a fitting. 

Honestly, dear reader…..all is well.  We are very thankful for how things are progressing.  A quick shout-out to Annette, Charlaine and Evelyn for the meals you’ve provided this week.  They were absolutely wonderful (well, Annette’s and Charlaine’s were….Evelyn’s we are having tomorrow night and I’m sure it will be great!!). 

And with that….I have to go cause some massive destruction in 1080 AD England, and continue my quest to conquer my foes in that wonderful game called Medieval II: Total War.  (I should get royalties for that shameless plug).




  1. Rose Bredenhof wrote:

    Excellent news! Rod, you always manage to make me smile even when you are writing about difficult issues/circumstances. We will continue to pray that things continue to go well. Oh, I can just imagine Dianne's sense of humor and remarks regarding getting a new "set". Thanks for the update, Rod! Give Dianne and the kids a big hug!


    Rose B.

    Sept. 10

  2. No name wrote:

    I am so happy to hear that "All is well". May the Lord continue to grant you strength, healing and peace!

    Sept. 10

  3. CindiLouWh​o Williams wrote:

    Prayer is soooo powerful...God bless my friend! Look forward to seeing your "smiling" face at my desk very very soon!!!


    Sept. 9