Monday, June 29, 2009

8 is enough

Hello again, dear reader.  Again, it is time for an update on Dianne.  So without further ado, let’s go.  And I promise I will not make any ‘Michael Jackson is dead!!’ references.  You’d probably tell me to beat it.  Or start calling me Billie Jean.  Or tell me to mind my own ABC’s.  Well I tell you, I’m struggling with the man in the mirror, and not everything is black or white.  Ok, enough of that…it’s been a real thriller.

Now, for the update.  This past Thursday, Dianne had her consultation with the oncologist.  He was thrilled because the tumors have shrunk to 5 x 4 cm.  Based on that, he is going to go ahead with the full run of chemotherapy, meaning that Dianne had 3 left as of Thursday.  Also, her blood counts came back to normal, which meant that chemo was a go for the next day.

And with that, the chemo was administered, along with all the steroids that come with it.  The steroids cause insomnia, so Dianne did not get much sleep over the weekend.  The administration of the chemo went real well.  This is the 2nd round of the 2nd type of chemo, and with this one comes a drug called Herceptin.  The Herceptin is used because Dianne is HER2 positive.  With the first dose of Herceptin, it took 90 minutes to IV it into her, and with the second one it was 60 minutes.  I believe that 3 and 4 will take only 30 minutes to get it in.  The actual chemo (Taxetere) is administered after the Herceptin.  So, we were at the CCI for about 3 1/2 hours this time around.

The side effects of the Taxetere don’t kick in usually until Monday.  These effects consist of muscle pain, joint pain and bone pain.  Thankfully there has been no nausea associated with the chemo so far.  The pain can be controlled with Tylenol, although there are risks with that too (it masks fever).  Is this all repeat?  Have I mentioned any of this before?  If I have, please accept my apologies.  If I haven’t then there is no need for apologies LOL.

So, where are we and what is ahead?  Right now, Dianne is done 6 out of 8 chemo treatments.  Following chemo is surgery, followed by radiation followed by more surgery (reconstructive).  And today is Monday, tomorrow is Tuesday….we’ll deal with Tuesday when it comes.  That’s how we live…day by day.

This week, Dianne and the kids are at her mom and dad’s in Camp Creek.  Hopefully they have a great time there, and hopefully Dianne feels well enough to enjoy it.

A very special thanks goes to Laura P. for injecting the Neulasta into Dianne on Saturday.   And thanks to Rita G. for being available if Laura couldn’t do it.  Thanks also to everyone who’s supporting us through prayers and good wishes.  We appreciate it all!!!



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