Monday, February 23, 2009

A week in the life of Dianne

Ok, so the saga continues.  This week has a couple tests that Dianne has to go through.  Today (Monday) she is going for a CT scan at the Sturgeon in St. Albert.  This test is one of the tests that will determine if the cancer has spread.

On Wednesday, she will be having a minor surgical procedure known as a Centenal Node Biopsy.  I mentioned this one in an earlier blog entry.  This procedure is done to determine if the cancer has spread into the lymph nodes.  The surgeon will remove part of or all of a lymph node in the armpit in order to biopsy it.
That is it for tests this week…next week is two more (we think).

Overall, I can say we are doing good.  We have received a lot of support already, plus a lot of offers for support.  We have had visitors, baking, a meal made for us, babysitting services…..the list goes on.  We truly do appreciate everything that everyone is doing for us.  I have no problems in asking people that if they want to make us a meal, or bake for us, that it wait for a month or 6 weeks.  Right now, Dianne is feeling well enough to do these tasks. However, that will change once she is into her 2nd or 3rd round of pyrogy therapy.  Oops, pyrogy therapy should have read Cheemo therapy, erm I mean chemo therapy.  *sigh* I love trying to do this on a Monday morning.

Dear reader, that last sentence or two should tell you how we are trying to deal with this thing.  Yes, we inject a wee bit of humor into it.  Really, what else can we do?  Should we mope around and feel sorry for ourselves?  I don’t think so..that is not Dianne’s style.  Just wait until she loses her hair….people will soon realize that the kids get their foreheads NOT from the Kok side of the family.  LMAO.  (Don’t smack me for that one, Dianne….you know I love you!!!!)

It is time for me to get back to work, so I’ll quit rambling now.  Continue to watch this space for updates…I don’t know when they’ll happen or what they’ll contain.  It may be an important informational type update, or it may be a personal perspective on this whole thing.  Or I may just wear my heart on my sleeve and tell you how I really feel.

Thanks to all who have supported us this far with prayer, kind words, thoughts, a meal (thanks Michelle!!!), baking (Thanks Mrs Veldkamp!!!!!), rides, babysitting and hugs.  The communion of saints is alive and well, and we give thanks to God for that gift.


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